Skytronic 5″ Hi-Fi Speakers + Skytronic AV-320 Amp 140W


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Product Description

Create your own kind of sound with the Skytronic AV-320 amplifier, which has five speaker channels so it can fuel a complete surround sound system within the home. The amp is complete with multiple controls to completely readjust your favourite tracks into something that sounds better at home, and with two microphone inputs it would add spice to a karaoke party get-together in your own front living room! To project your sound, we have supplied this stylish pair of retro wood-finish hifi speakers which can slot onto bookshelves, or be left free-standing by the sofa or bedside table. These would form part of a great surround sound system for impressing guests when they’re staying over, or just make a fantastic home cinema system for the family to enjoy. You see they have a clever 2-way system which seperates the sound so it projects crisper, clearer and all-around more awesome quality of sound! Rest assured, we’ve supplied all necessary cables to connect the speakers to the amplifier, with increased flexibility so you can capture your own unique, custom sound system which would equally serve you well at house parties and celebrations.


  • Ideal for home karaoke parties
  • 5 speaker channels ideal for surround sound systems
  • Echo, bass, treble and more controls!
  • Skytronic
  • Electromarket Cable Tie Included
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