M-Audio M3-8 Black Professional 3 Way Active Studio Monitor with 6 inch Woven Kevlar Woofer for Music Production, Recording and Mixing


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Product Description

Outstanding 3-Way Monitoring Performance

Upgrade your sound and take your production to the next level with M-Audio M3- 8 Black professional active studio monitors. Combining a total of 220 watts of Class AB amplification with a production-focused specification, M3-8 Black provides ample headroom for even the loudest mixes without compromising its sonically-accurate frequency response. With M3-8 Black three dedicated individual internal amplifiers provide power to each of the three constituent speaker elements, specifically engineered for the drivers they are matched with for smooth operation and system synergy that is virtually impossible to equal using outboard amplifiers and passive speakers. The meticulously-selected crossover points divide the frequency spectrum into select bands with each individual driver being responsible for the exact frequency range where it is most accurate. The result? Superior monitoring and a wide, consistent dispersion pattern, delivering the ultimate in detail and clarity.

Innovative, In-Line MF/HF design

M-Audio’s M3-8 Black combines premium studio-grade monitoring with an innovative In-Line MF/HF design. This in-line design assures the all-important mid and treble frequencies reach the optimum listening position at precisely the same time, delivering sonically-precise replication of the source audio whilst facilitating an ultra-compact cabinet design for convenience and simple integration into a diverse range of production scenarios. No speaker with conventionally-mounted drivers can equal the M3-8 Black’s incredibly natural, three- dimensional sound field – mixes exhibit every subtlety and nuance of the source audio with a wide, consistent dispersion pattern allowing confident, precise adjustments to recordings.


  • 8″ woven Kevlar tweeter and 5″ woven Kevlar mid-range providing fast transient attack, excellent sensitivity and resistance to cone flexing and resonant breakup
  • 1″ silk dome tweeter mounted in an integrated waveguide precisely focuses the treble energy into the listening field minimizing unwanted random acoustic “scatter”
  • 3 internal amplifiers tailored to high, mid & low frequencies for system synergy; 220 watts of class AB amplification provides ample headroom for the loudest mixes
  • Conveniently located on-board three-band (LF, MF, HF) EQ and switchable low-cut filter provides the flexibility to shape the sound to match your listening environment
  • 1 x XLR balanced input connector and 1 x TRS balanced/unbalanced input connector for seamless integration to virtually any studio setup
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