Audioengine A2+B Powered Desktop Speakers (Pair) – Black


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Product Description

Didn’t think it was possible for the award winning Audioengine 2 speakers to get any better? Well they just did. The release of the Audioengine 2+ brings a new set of speakers on the market with features such as a built in DAC so you can listen to high quality digital audio straight from a PC’s USB port and also an added output so you can connect them to a subwoofer. However the bass on the A2+ is impressive to say the least considering its size. The enclosure remains the same wood used in the A2’s because it stays more rigid when higher volumes are used. The A2+ are hand built speakers that will upgrade the sound of your computer to a standard you will be blown away by


  • Efficient system that requires much less power
  • Robust speakers
  • High-performance amplifiers
  • Wood cabinets with a hand-polished finish
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